Summer Camp Spotlight: Community Connections - Special Needs Camp

By Carol Taylor-Moore, Cicily Cares - Sponsored Content June 5, 2020

Community Connections -- Special Needs Summer Camp is a structured community calendar of events executed by expert Care Partners (caregivers) in multiple settings out in the community. This summer program is intended to provide a creative solution for special needs children through the Summer months.

A variety of activities are prearranged and placed on a calendar which allows parents to pick and choose events based on child’s interest and activity level. All activities are designed to provide inclusion and socialization for school age children and young adults with disabilities. These activities will also support your child’s learning and socialization needs.

Cicily Cares Community Connections – Special Needs Summer Camp is an escalated version of Community Connections which runs throughout the year. While Community Connections is more focused on weekend activities (since children are in school), Community Connections Special Needs Summer Camp has scheduled activities throughout the week to accommodate the summer months when children are out of school.

Community Connections – Special Needs Summer Camp accommodates children in Extended Day Programs (summer school) in the school districts. Afternoon Activities are set to occur after the summer school day ends, so that children required to go to summer school can still attend some activities.

Activities are 2- 4 hours of innovative interactions with Care Partners and peers in a variety of community settings.

Please visit the following link to see a Sample Calendar of events/activities: 

How it Works

  • Each client will be placed into groups depending on needs or  preference (of scheduled activities)

  • Activities are executed in groups which are as follows:
    • 1 to 1 Support: 1 Client: 1 Care Partner: $25 p/hour
    • Care Partner Pod: 2-3 clients: 1-2 Care Partners: $22 p/hour
    • Care Partner Groups: Made up of multiple pods together at the same event, with no more than 9 in a group: $19 p/hour

  •  In collaboration with children/parents or guardians, Cicily Cares will assign each client to a Pod based on his/her selected events, level of need/support plan. * Pods or 1:1 assignments join together to form a groups to attend scheduled events.

  • Parent/guardian may choose the number/types of events they want their child to attend each week.

Please note that multiple activities/events may occur on the same day. All slots are assigned on a first come, first served basis. If a child/family chooses an event and it is cancelled due to low interest, re-assignment to a similar activity will occur with notification and discussion with parents/guardian.

Ages: 6-22

Location: 2658 SW Brigantine Place, Port St. Lucie 34953

Phone: 772-446-4510

Days: Monday - Friday

2020 Dates: June 7th - August 8th

Hours: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (some events may go beyond closing time)

Cost: Varies based on number of events attended. Hourly service fees for the duration of an event apply. Fees are based on subgroup rates and are set up front, when activities/events are selected and pod assignments are made. Rates are as follows: 1:1 - $25/Hour; 1:2 - $22/hour; 1:3 - $19/hour.

While cost vary based on assignment ratios and duration of events, you set your budget each week. The calendar allows enormous flexibility as you plan for your child throughout the summer.  

Events are typically 2- 4 hours in length and begins at the time your child is dropped off or picked up by a Care Partner. Care Partners may transport your child to and from an activity if needed, but is not required. Care Partners are trained and vetted through level 1 and Level 2 background screenings.

Additional Costs: Hourly service fees for the duration of an event apply. Fees are based on subgroup rates and are set up front upon activity selection and pod assignment. Some events will incur additional cost for entry fees, food etc. (paid prior to the event/activity).

Sibling Discount: 5% discount (application fee only)

Registration/Application Fee: $99

Registration/Sign up Procedure: To register stop by the office, call 772-446-4510, register online at, or notify them of your interest on their Facebook Page. CLICK HERE to download the Registration form. Once complete email to Note: registration is not complete until registration fee is received.  

Additional Helpful Information Families May Need To Know:  This is special needs camp, focused on providing meaningful inclusive activities out in the community  in secure, safe spaces supervised by  expert Care Partners as chaperones. Camp activities are built around a calendar of events, that parents can choose from Monday thru Friday and most weekends.

For More Information: Call 772-446-4510, email or visit and click on Programs to find the special needs camp.

Cicily Cares is a sponsor of Macaroni Kid PSL's 2020 Summer Camps & Activities Guide.