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Note from the Publisher...

January 11, 2013

St. Lucie County's Family Friendly Resource

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A Year of Big Changes...

As I begin to settle into 2013 -- which basically means getting less "The date cannot be in the past!" errors when inputting events to the calendar - I can't help but be amazed by all the big changes that occurred in the past year. I've seen a daughter go off to college, a son get married, and a new career path unfold. It was this time last year when I learned that the previous Macaroni Kid PSL publisher was moving and the territory would need a new publisher. At the time I was the publisher/editor of the Baby-Sign-Language-Academy.com website and taught sign language classes for babies and young children. When I heard about the PSL territory opening up I knew I had to take it! I was aware of the Palm Beach Gardens Macaroni Kid and loved the idea of becoming more involved with the community. I thought I could easily publish both the local PSL MacKid and the BSLA site while continuing to teach baby sign language classes. Not Quite!

As I come upon my first anniversary with MacKid PSL, I'm still publishing the BSLA site, though it has been horribly neglected, but the instructor in me has fallen by the wayside! While I do love teaching babies to sign, I love being your publisher even more....Thanks for a great first year!

Amanda Paxton

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