Free Parenting Classes for SLC Families

August 3, 2012

Creating Confident Children Starts With Good Parenting

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Many parents face daily power struggles with their children. Setting a positive example and remaining calm in the quest to raise confident, well-rounded and respectful kids isn’t always an easy task. Some local families are getting help in that area, thanks to free parenting classes which are offered through the Children’s Services Council of St. Lucie County. 

Currently, the Children’s Services Council offers two parenting classes; Redirecting Children’s Behavior and The Secrets of Modern Parenting. Both classes are child-centered, family-focused programs aimed at building strong families through communication and mutual respect. Parents who participate in the classes learn how to agree instead of fight, ways to be more happy and confident and in turn, have more self-esteem. The classes are held one week night each week for either 4 or 5 weeks and are located at various sites throughout the community including churches, child care centers, and schools.
Redirecting Children’s Behavior is also offered in multiple languages, allowing families of all backgrounds to benefit from the important content. The response to the course has been overwhelmingly positive. 

“The classes helped us so much – we learned how to deal with our young daughter and handle her temper tantrums. We recommended the class to friends and they’ve also taken it – they are so happy too!” says Agatha Acosta, parent of a 4-year-old. 

The classes are geared toward parents and children of all ages. Martha Arias attended the program and has a toddler and teenage daughter. “Ms. Marjorie has taught us step by step and through examples the basics needed to properly handle children. I hope other trainings will be made available for they are very essential. Many, many thanks!” 

For more information on these free parenting classes and how to register, visit www.cscslc.org or call Tonya at (772) 408-1109. 

The Children’s Services Council of St. Lucie County is an independent district established by voter referendum to fund children’s programs to improve the lives of children and families in our community. Programs funded by the Children’s Services Council include Boys and Girls Clubs, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Avenue D Boys Choir, Hibiscus Children’s Center, CASTLE and more. Reaching over 30,000 children annually, the Children’s Services Council partners with a total of more than 50 programs to provide support to newborns and their parents, quality childcare, afterschool activities, and resources to strengthen and empower families.

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